If you can't visit Negril, you can still help those you love in Negril.

All proceeds go to the artist and business owners in Negril.

Donations to St. Anthony's Kitchen accepted below.

Covid has hurt our small businesses and many are closing

Covid has affected everyone and Negril is no exception. We know many of you want to come down but are unable to at the present time. has come together with the small businesses of Negril. For the price of a night out on the town, you will be able to help support 13 small businesses in Negril.

Contribute $150 USD and support the Negril economy

All proceeds will go to the small businesses of Negril. On the front of the high quailty t-shirt is an original painting by artist Karl Ricketts. On the back of the t-shirt are the small businesses participating in this program. In addition, you can make a separate tax deductible donation to St. Anthony's Kitchen.

Contribute US $150 and support the Negril economy